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50 best

In five years at 50 Best I've moved from Social Media Manager to Marketing and Social Media Manager, increased the social media audience to total over two million with minimal budget, and launched new initiatives. On this page you'll find links to social media channels, a high-level overview of highlights, key responsibilities and skills. Then for more details please click on the images for more details on some special endeavours.

As Social Media Manager, I ideate. strategize, and create content for all 50 Best brands:

*The total audience of Restaurants and Bars channels is now 2.5million.

Responsibilities and skills include:

  • Developing social media strategies

  • Crafting marketing plans for sponsors

  • Creating content

  • Monitoring social channels

  • Analysing stats

  • Compiling reports

  • Working in Sprout Social

  • Overseeing influencer program

  • Communicating with Academy Chairs

  • Writing awards ceremony scripts

  • Managing budget

  • Mentoring Social Media Executive

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