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Urban Collective


Fairview Mall, a Cadillac Fairview shopping centre located in Markham, wanted a different way to showcase fashion and the diversity of their clientele. Hence the idea of highlighting real people in real fashion sprung up and Urban Collective was created. We took a variety of individuals to represent a range of styles, backgrounds and personalities, had a fun photo shoot, and conducted interviews. It was one of the most fun and creative projects I had to work on, but unfortunately only four people were profiled before it was pulled down. Nonetheless, the chance to go back to interviewing and being involved in the entire creation from concepting to being on set on the shoots was one every involved was proud of.



This was created in 2014 for Fairview Mall while at BlueBand Brand + Digital. The designer responsible for the beautiful art direction was Elena Kovyrzina and the photography was by Andrew Parks.

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