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Cheestrings: Cheesy's Movie Madness

It was lights, camera, action for Black Diamond Cheestrings when they ran their Cheesy's Movie Madness contest. Running 16 weeks, this promotion consisted of a microsite, six games, and a social media strategy to engage Facebook fans. Since movies are one of my passions, this was a project I dove right into and thoroughly enjoyed. While the target age is early to mid teens, stats indicated that many of the users were actually in their 30's, so the challenge was to engage a wide range of ages. I tackled this with humour and references that cinephiles and the older crowd might get, but wouldn't alienate the other. This was my first assignment in an ad agency, and my first time writing for video games - and it's remained one of my favourite assignments.
Microsite and Games

Each game had a genre and being able to play within each of those helped bring the experience to life.

Social Media

I got to have a lot of fun with Facebook posts playing with the theme of movie (as a cinefile this was a blast!). The strategy was to draw attention to the contest, announce new game releases, and to engage the audience with spoof magazine posts and a series of movie-related questions.

This was created in 2013 for Black Diamond Cheestrings while at BlueBand Brand + Digital. The designer responsible for the fantastic create was Jonathan Agomaa.

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